“This band has the kind of chemistry you get when you mix dynamite and nitroglycerine: The only question is how big the explosion will be.”
-J Hunter, 88.3 WVCR/Albany, NY

“Mike DiRubbo is one of the world’s foremost alto saxophonists, and this new release from his actively working band demonstrates why. Like his forebears Charlie Parker and Jackie McLean, DiRubbo plays the alto with tenor-like toughness, as well as an immediately recognizable sound and highly personal phrasing. In true modernist fashion, DiRubbo’s compositions and improvisations survey new harmonic, melodic, and rhythmic territory while simultaneously immersed in a knowledgeable and loving dialogue with the tradition of jazz, blues, and swing. Few contemporary recordings will match ‘Threshold’ for fierceness and authenticity of feeling.” Dan Voss – (Übergreifen)

“Something about the sound Mike DiRubbo elicits from the alto saxophone – deep, dark, immense, with a machete edge that denotes a ready-for-anything urban sensibility – Immediately grabs the ear. It’s a sound familiar to the cream of New York’s hardcore jazz community since the mid-‘90’s” writes Ted Panken.

“Mike DiRubbo doesn’t play alto saxophone, he owns it.” “The Big Apple is brimming with talent, this may be one of the better slices.” “Mike DiRubbo is a talent not to be missed and Threshold is one of the best for 2014.” Brent Black, CriticalJazz.com

“Mike DiRubbo has a big, bold alto tone, an unerring time feel and remarkable facility on the instrument.” – Bill Milkowski, Jazz Times

“The NY Times calls Mike an energetic and bop-literate alto saxophonist.”

“The Grim Reaper’s pop was one bad dude and DiRubbo
shows he can lead a New York sax trio and swing a sax like Chronos could
swing a scythe.” – Chris Spector, The Midwest Record

“[DiRubbo’s] solos seem to leap out of the speakers, with an intensity, at times, that borders on ferocious.” – Richard B. Kamins, Step Tempest

Repercussion is one darkly dazzling gem of an album.” Jazz Review

“An impressive alto sax quartet — big sound, bold moves”
-Tom Hull, Village Voice

“Mike DiRubbo plays with fire and intelligence, and his music dances with life.”
-Francis Davis, Village Voice

“…a powerful, not-to-be-missed performer.”
-David A. Orthmann, allaboutjazz.com

“…certainly one of the most exciting young alto saxophonists to emerge in quite some time.”
-Chris Hovan, Jazz&Blues Report

“There is something inexplicably unique about his tunes. Whether it’s a ballad, a midtempo jaunt or an uptempo cooker, once you get a feel for his style his songs become instantly recognizable. That’s a trait that few modern jazz composers possess, and it wouldn’t surprise me if some of his tunes were to be considered jazz standards some day.”
-Roman St. James, JazzReview.com

“…the performances are first class all the way, melodic and inventive, and without a misplaced note…His tone is clear, his sound large and round, and his notes immaculately selected.” -Steven Loewy, Cadence

“Mike DiRubbo is a powerful young altoist currently making a name for himself in New York…everything, including ballads, grooves with a bluesy, bop-based edge.”
-Chuck Berg, JazzTimes

“…unusually rich alto sound.” “There are few people who can play this kind of music this well. A real pleasure.”
-David R. Adler, All Music Guide

“He has his own unique sound on the saxophone…his expansive musical vocabulary exhibits a solid foundation in the bebop tradition that has been judiciously elevated through a liberal addition of post-Coltrane modality ”
-Russ Musto, New York City Jazz Record